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Jinan Shengquan Group Share Holding Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979, covers an area of 3,500 acres, the headquarters is located in the  Meng Luochuan's (Confucian businessman) hometown- Diao town of Zhangqiu City. There are existing 3,600 employees with total assets of 6 billion yuan, we are an innovative enterprise group focusing on research & development, utilization towards all types of plant straws, involved in four industries of new biomass materials, phenol application, foundry materials, and health pharmaceutical. We are awarded "National key Leading Enterprise in Agriculture Industrialization" and "National 4A level standard of Good-Conduct Enterprise".

Throughout 30 years of innovative & sustainable development, Shengquan Group has achieved the global-demonstration-significance success on the R&D and utilization of plant stalks, taking the leading role in the world's biomass and biomass new materials industry, was named to the "China' top 500 private manufacturing enterprise".  Regarding the leading products of furan resin based foundry materials series, our production and sales rank the world's first. Regarding phenolic resin and composite materials, we built the world's largest single capacity for automatic production line of phenolic resin, production scale into the world top three, we have the world's largest thermo-set wall insulation materials production base.

 Innovation is the soul for ShengQuan development. The company firmly holds respect for labor, respect for knowledge, respect for talent, and respect for the creative idea.  Every year we will invest 150 million yuan as research fund, initially built up a three-dimensional innovation system to support company development, , we have made brilliant achievements in technological innovation, market innovation and management innovation. Up to now, the Group R & D center has a staff of more than 300 people, including senior personnel more than 30 people, 28 were foreign senior experts, master's degree or more professionals in 150 people. Integration of innovative people and innovative ideas are bringing Shengquan more and more success.
 To think of the source of getting rich and of making progress after becoming affluence. While the company becomes bigger and stronger, Shengquan group still pursues his notion of responsibility " take from the nature, serve the society, benefit the mankind". Actively undertake the charities, do respectable business, and proposed to create the beautiful vision of happiness enterprise. In recent years, the group has invested cumulatively around 8,000 yuan for social education, poverty- relief activities and other social welfare and public welfare, established a charity fund of 30million Yuan, set up a good example in society.

In Future, ShengQuan will further Strengthen the awareness of independent innovation, strongly develop biotechnology, accelerate R&D process for biomass energy and new processes to achieve integration of traditional industries, emerging industries, high-tech industries,  and promote the overall economic quality during the transformation and upgrading , to accomplish the ambitious targets "Build centenary Shengquan, Benefit the mankind,"  and support national brand rise-up!! 

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